CV Anita Jensen


CV Anita Jensen


1957 Helsinki, Finland



2002                           Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking Workshop at Grafisk Experimentarium Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark

1994-2000                Advanced studies in photography, printmaking, bookbinding and papermaking in the Academy of Fine Arts and University of Art and Design UIAH, Helsinki

1997                           Washi Papermaking Workshop, Tosa Washi Village, Kochi, Ino, Japan

1981-86                     Finnish Academy of Fine Arts



2016                           Lingering in The Garden of Gaze, Gallery G 12, Helsinki, Finland

2016                           Grafiksalurinn /IPA Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

2015                           IMPACT 9 International Printmaking Conference exhibition at Henglu Art Gallery, Hangzhou China

2014                           Memoirs of The Mirror and Curtain, Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Sipoo, Finland

2013                           Mono no aware/Slices of Life, Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland

2013                           Kakyo – A Mirror Held to The Flower/Galleria Uusitalo/Interior Design Helena Karahtila, Helsinki, Finland

2012                           Touch of Distances, Awagami Factory/Exhibition Gallery Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima, Japan

2010                           Gallery Aino, Helsinki, Finland

2009                           IMPACT 6 International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference in Bristol, UK

2008                          Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland

2008                          Gallery Pictor, Nummela, Finland

2006                          Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland

2006                          Gallery Orton, Helsinki, Finland

2004                          Atelier 31 Gallery, Seattle USA

2004                          Malkki Museum, Tampere, Finland

2001                          De Crescenzo & Viesti, Galleria D´ arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

2000                         Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland

1998                          Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland

1993                          As winner of the Competition for Young Graphic Artists, several exhibitions at railway stations in Finland, at the WWF, and in the premises of the Finnish State Railways

1993                          Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland

1992                          Gallery of the Finnish Painters’ Union, Helsinki, Finland

1989                          Tampere Art Museum, runner-up for Young Artist of the Year

1988                          Gallery Harmonia, Jyväskylä, Finland

1987                          Gallery of the Association of Finnish Printmakers, Helsinki, Finland

1987                          Gallery Grafiart, Turku, Finland



2014                           Festen, 15th anniversary exhibition of Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

2013                           Gumbostrand Konst & Form, inaugural exhibition, Sipoo, Finland

2012                           Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Willa Mac Museum of Finnish Contemporary Art, Tampere, Finland

2011                           Punctum2 / Pigment – Prints from Japan and Finland, with Hideyuki Igarashi, Willa Mac Museum of Finnish Contemporary Art, Tampere, Finland

2010                           XV Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä, Finland

2010                           Secret – an exhibition of the Cooperative of Artisan, Designers and Artists in Fiskars, with Erja Huovila, The Granary of Fiskars Willage

2006                          Association of Finnish Printmakers, Lahti Art Brewery, Lahti, Finland

2006                          Light and Shadow, Mirror Images of Northen Sky, Viinistu Art Museum, Estonia

2005                          The Flower of Death, Graphic Artists’ Association of Lahti, Lahti Art Brewery, Lahti, Finland

2005                           Passing Energy, Open Air Gallery, UIAH and the Association of Finnish Printmakers, Helsinki, Finland

2005                           Echoes from East, Kisko Kivimakasiini, Kisko, Finland

2005                           Gallery Echo, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

2003                           Northern European Print Art Exhibition, Chiak Art Hall, Wonju Hanji Festival, South Korea

2003                           Northern European Print Art Exhibition, Kim Nae Hyun Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2002                           KIAF – Korea International Art Fair 2002, Pusan, South Korea, Gallery Uusitalo and Gallery Pyo from Seoul

2001                            Little-Big-Little, 70th anniversary of the Association of Finnish Printmakers, Helsinki, Finland

2001                            Axis, 40 Finnish Photographers and Printmakers, portfolio exhibition in Media Center Lume UIAH, Helsinki, Finland

2001                           Graphia Borea, Prints from Finland, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2001                            Highlights in Nordic Photogravure, Gallen-Kallela Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2001                            Hockey Flowers, Works from The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection at Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

1999                             Tunne, group exhibition, BIO -99, House of Science, Helsinki, Association of Finnish Artists

1999                             Photopolymer gravure exhibition, Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

1998                            What is Real, Finnish Photography Triennial, Kunsthalle Helsinki and Mikkeli Art Museum

1997                             Exhibition of the Artists´ Aassociation of Helsinki, Finland

1996                             Gallery Kaj Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

1995                             Nightmare, gravure exhibition, Into Gallery, Helsinki, Laterna Magica, Helsinki; Victor Barsokevitch

1995                             Photographic Center, Kuopio; Nykyaika Photographic Center, Tampere; Iisalmi Photograph Biennial;

1995                             Rantagalleria, Oulu; Zebra Gallery, Karjaa; Gallery Artic, Vaasa, Finland

1994                             Gallery Sirius, Jyväskylä, Finland

1994                             Stone, Wood and Paper, exhibition, Hyvinkää, Finland

1994                             Publishing exhibition of Art Graphic Collection of Repola, Helsinki, Finland

1993                             Mänttä Fine Art Exhibition

1993                             Acid – The Secret Life of Graphic Art, Helsinki City Art Museum

1992                             Touch, Villa Roma, Ruissalo, Finland

1991                             Gallerie Graphiart, Turku, Finland

1989, -92                     Pro Graphica Triennial, Gallery Mino, Lohja, Finland

1988                             Maila Talvio Salon, Hartola, Finland

1988                             Hyvinkää Art Museum

1987                             Kemi Art Museum

1987                             Poriginal Gallery, Pori, Finland

1986                             Gallery Duetto, Helsinki, Finland

1986                             Gallery Uusikuva, Kotka, Finland

1984, -85, -87            Young Artists Exhibition, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland

1984, -86, -88            Annual Exhibition, Finnish Society of Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland

-92, 2000

1983, -84                     Kaivopuisto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland






2015                            GraN, Graphic Nordica , Kunstmuseum Akureyri , Iceland

2014                            16th Tallinn Print Triennial, Art Museum of Estonia Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia

2009,-10,-11,-12,-13 International exhibition of Art and Design, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto

2011                             Interbifep XIV, International Biennial, Bosnia-Herzegovina

2009–10                     International exhibition of Art Gallery Kei-fu, Kyoto, Japan

2008                            21th Kyoto Art Festival, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Japan

2002                            10th International Print Triennial, Graphica Creativa, Jyväskylä, Finland

2002                            12th Space International Print Biennial Seoul, South Korea

2001                            Relativities, 4th British International Miniature Print Exhibition, Bristol UK

2001                            Highlights in Nordic Photography, Photographic Festival of Houston, Winter Street Art Center and Southeast Museum of Photography, USA

2001                            6th International Biennale of Graphics of the Baltic Sea Countries/Kaliningrad–Köningsberg

2001                            2nd World Festival of Art on Paper, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2001                            12th Tallinn Print Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia

1998                             4th Sapporo International Print Biennale, Sapporo, Japan

1998                             11th Print Triennal of Tallinn, Estonia

1997                              Hojlys & Dybtryk III-Fotogravyren i Norden, Museum of Photography, Odense and Kopenhagen, Denmark, and in Oslo, Norway

1996                              3rd Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Japan

1995                              Sand and Stone, II Baltic Sea States Triennial of Graphic Art, Gdansk, Poland

1992                              9th Tallinn Print Triennial, Estonia

1992                              Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

1991                              Nordic Graphic Art Now, Sweden

1989                             18th Ljubljana International Print Biennial, Yugoslavia

1988                             De Gravure de Menton, Les Pays Nordiques, France

1987                              Third European Triennial of Engravings in Grado, Italy

1987                              Seventh Miniprint International, Cadaques, Spain

1987                              International Graphic Triennial in Vaasa, Finland

1986                              International Graphic Art Biennial, Cracow, Poland

1986                              Intergrafic, Katowice, Poland




2000                           Finnish Contemporary Graphic Art Exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

1999                           Finnish Contemporary Graphics, Residence of Finnish Foreign Office, Windhoek Museum, Namibia

1998                           Appointments, Finnish-Japanese Art Exhibition, Kyoto International Community House Gallery, Japan

1998                           Finnish Contemporary Art, Museum Judetan Teleorman, Aleksandria, Romania

1997                            Finnish Contemporary Graphics, Residence of Finnish Foreign Office, Cape Town, South Africa

1997                            Kaiku/Echo, group exhibition of the teachers of the Department of Art at University of Art and Design, UIAH, Helsinki, at Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

1997                            Meetings, Finnish Contemporary Graphics, Gallery Tosa Washi Village; Tosa, Ino, Japan

1994, –97                   Repola Collection, touring exhibition in Europe and the USSR

1989–90                     Finnish Contemporary Graphics and Drawings Exhibition, Yugoslavia

1988                            Exhibition of Finnish Art, Baku, Azerbaijan

1987–89                     Finnish Contemporary Art, Germany

1986                            Finnish Graphic Artists, Södertälje, Sweden





Parliament of Finland

Amos Andersson Art Museum

Finnish State Art Collection

Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki

Art museums of Tampere, Kemi, Kouvola, Hämeenlinna, Oulu and Jyväskylä

Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum

The cities of Kemi, Helsinki, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kotka, Raisio and Varkaus

Wihuri Foundation, Rovaniemi Art Museum

Municipality of Lohja

Pohjola Collection

IVO Collection

Finnish State Railway Collection

WWF Collection

Repola Collection

Municipality of Södertälje, Sweden

National Museum of Warshaw

Art Collection of the Tallinn Print Triennal, Estonia

Saastamoinen Foundation Collection

Paulon Foundation Collection

Kerava Art Foundation Collection

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampere

Collection of the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Sara Hildén Foundation Collection

Collection of Museet For Fotokunst, Oodense, Denmark

Collection of Pusan Muncipal Art Museum, South Korea

Albertina Museum, Vienna

Heino Art Collection



2015                           GraN, Graphic Nordica , Kunstmuseum Akureyri , Iceland, Honourable mention

2011                           International Art and Design Exhibition, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Kyoto, Japan, The Prize of Consulate General of China

2008                          The 22nd Kyoto City Art Festival, International Art and Design Exhibition, Japan, The Prize of Kyoto City Mayor

2002                          The 12th Space International Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea, in the series of space grand prize; Selected Prize

2001                           Kaliningrad-Köningsberg Graphic Biennial, honourable mention, Russia

1998                           The 11th Tallinn Print Triennial, 1st Equal Prize, Estonia

1997                           Finnish National Gallery, ex Libris competition, Finland, 1st prize,Finland

1993                           Finnish State Railways and WWF Art Competition,1st prize, Finland

1992                           Pro Graphica Triennial, Gallery Mino, Lohja,1st prize, Finland

1989                           Runner-up for Young Artist of the Year 1989, Finland

1987                           International Print Triennial of Young Artist, Vaasa, 1st prize, Finland

1987                           Exhibition of Young Artist, Helsinki, Saskia Scholarship, Finland



Association of Finnish Printmakers

Artist´s Association of Helsinki

Forum Box Society