2017                      The Beauty of tragic elegance at Kuntsi Museum of Modern art, Vaasa, Finland

2016                       Slices of life at The Icelandic Printmakers Association The IPA Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland


2016                       Lingering in the garden of gaze at Gallery G 12, Helsinki, Finland


2014                       Memoirs of The Mirror and Curtain at Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Sipoo, Finland


2013                       Mono no aware / Slices of Life at Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland


2013                       Kakyo – A Mirror Held to The Flower at Interior Design Helena Karahtila, Helsinki, Finland


2012                       Touch of Distances at Awagami Factory/Exhibition Gallery Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima, Japan


2010                       XV Mänttä Art Festival at Pekilo / Mänttä, Finland


2011                       Punctum for two, with Hideyuki Igarashi, willa Mac Museum, Tampere Finland


 2008                       Dreams of Order at Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki and Gallery Pictor, Nummela, Finland


2006                       Touch of Distances at Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland


2006                       The Imagery of Mind at Gallery Orton, Helsinki, Finland


2004                       The Mirror Behind the Mask at Atelier 31 Gallery, Seattle USA,


2004                      Time to play Hide and Seek at Malkki Museum, Tampere, Finland


2001                       The Garden of Eye at De Crescenzo & Viesti, Galleria D´ arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

2000                       Secret life of hidden Eye / The Japanese Mirror at Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland  


1997                       Reliable Souvenirs Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland


1993                       Nature Morte / Still Leben   As winner of the Competition for Young Printmaking Artists, several exhibitions at railway stations in Finland, at the WWF, and in the premises of the Finnish State Railways with Gallery Uusitalo, Finland


1993                       The Mirror of Obsessions at Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland,


1992                       The Wallpapers of Animalia at Gallery of the Finnish Painters’ Union, Helsinki, Finland,


 All exhibitions; see CV