2008 Dreams of Order – Gallery Uusitalo for the exhibition


2008 Dreams of Order – Gallery Uusitalo for the exhibition

Anita Jensen ”Dreams of Order”

Galleria Uusitalo 3.4 – 4.5.2008

During the last 15 years Anita Jensen has frequently travelled to Japan for periods of several months. The experience of these visits and the effect they have had on her art are apparent in the works on display in this exhibition.

After returning from her last two month visit to Japan, December 2007 – January 2008, Jensen completed the works for this exhibition. The works, in which once again she has used old Western and Japanese photographs and encyclopaedias, together with a variety of science books, were prepared during the second half of last year and printed after her return from Japan.

Jensen’s next working trip to Japan will be in Spring 2009, when she will continue her work on pigment printing and gravure printmaking following an invitation from the University of Kurashiki. Working in association with local professionals, the idea is to experiment with pigment printing on the traditional Japanese paper which is being developed today in order to create a paper that manufacturers find suitable for modern pigment printing. At the same time, Jensen will put together a large selection of her works to show in the new exhibition space at Seika University in Kyoto in 2010.

Riddles and Understanding
This exhibition by Anita Jensen ‘Dreams of Order’ consists of examples of work from several of her series of surrealist photomontages. The pictures are large pigment prints on Hahnemuhle FineArt Ink Jet Paper which have been mounted on aluminium.

In these works Jensen once again reveals and comments on the human condition and the need to find a meaning to life using the methods and ideas of science, religion, superstition, myth, fairy tales, art, psychoanalysis, dream interpretation and omen.

“All these things involve naming, sorting, classifying, organising, appreciating, and so, paradoxically, in all this I see a desire to take control of ones own life. It is exactly these items which I am investigating at this moment.”

The aesthetic of confusion
For the works in this exhibition Jensen continues to use a typical surrealist working method and approach. For example, by opposing sleeping and waking: the coming together of two different realities and the need to see with new eyes, ‘for the first time’ and ultimately to believe in and understand the power of poetry and the imagination, freed at last from the narrow-minded chains of reason.¨

In this way, Anita Jensen continues to map her own pictorial language and, at the same time, to offer keys for the viewer’s interpretation.

The titles and the description of surrealism above are from the book ‘Poetry Fury Love’ by Timo Kaitaro, Gaudeamus 2001


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